Butterflies, Moths and Other Insects

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Small CopperMagpie MothSix Spot Burnet MothSmall White on KnapweedSilver Washed Fritillaries in copFunnel Web Spider devouring prey
Clouded YellowsGreen Veined WhiteSmall TortoiseshellAshy Mining Bee on DandelionMarbled White on Knapweed
Wall BrownSawflyVolucella Bombylans in cop. 
This Hoverfly is a wonderful bee mimicElephant Hawk Moth CaterpillarOrange TipLarge White
Four Banded Longhorn BeetleWhite Tailed Bumblebee.  Bombus LucorumFour Spot ChaserPainted LadyCommon BlueSpeckled Wood
Purple HairstreakConopid Fly on KnapweedGatekeeperLethytepWildlife ConservationHaven of peace and tranquility



The photographs on this website are protected by copyright. They have all been taken at Lethytep by Philip Hambly.